We’re launching a Podcast on the Modern Day Athlete Entrepreneur

When we invest in our company, analyze new projects, and explore alternative ways to communicate with our audience, we start with the same question; is this something we enjoy doing?

Podcast listening has increased 75% since 2013, largely fueled by mobile adoption (71% of listeners) and the ability to access content on-demand. Moreover, the singular focus on a particular topic prioritizes and enables depth of discussion.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for the good part of the last 3 years. I’ll admit, my cadence and weekly show rotation has increased significantly as of late, but this medium – seemingly more than others – has its way of educating, motivating and inspiring me. Interestingly, I’ve also discovered that I’m able to retain more content by parsing out mediums during my weekly content intake. For example, I can read a book, watch a documentary film, consume several email newsletters, and listen to podcasts without disrupting any intellectual flow. This is different than attempting to read several books at once, where I often get mixed up or give-up all together.

Anyway, suffice to say podcasts are important to me – so we decided to start our own.

For this project (methinks “prodcast”), I wanted to explore a crossover topic that could enable us to work with other sports, athletes, teams and leagues. Over the last decade, I’ve put an emphasis on building a network of relationships with other athletes that have a similar vision for career and sport. And the more I networked, the more I uncovered that the modern day athlete has a dual focus on discipline and career.

There are three reasons why we’re seeing pro athletes’ crossover as entrepreneurs, brand ambassadors, advisors and/or investors. The first has been the wave of social media influence. In 2008, athletes were given the opportunity to build a Facebook fan page. Come Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and accessible editing tools on Youtube, many athletes now have a suite of media content with aggregate followings north of 1M people. Bigger than numbers, however, is the authentic conversation and posting cadence between athlete and fan – one that brands are more keen on activating and marketing within. Namely, modern athlete value proposition number 1.

Next, the emergence of marketplace technology has afforded entrepreneurs more opportunity because the cost of running a startup experiment is coming down. Thus, more experiments are being run, hedging perhaps a more efficient market with more opportunities for athletes to partake.

Thirdly, I’ve discovered that my social and business experience with other athletes is intellectually fulfilling. There are certain stereotypes associated with being a “jock”, and while there are social psychology truths to many stereotypes, an ongoing initiative of Rabil Companies communication is based on being thoughtful, curious and innovative. I’m continually impressed by those same characteristics in my peers, and often glean a playbook of tools and strategies that each has used to reach their level of success.

With that, I’d like to unveil our newest show, a podcast called “Suiting Up, with Paul Rabil”. It’s an interview style show where I host other athlete entrepreneurs and discuss the balancing act for “striking while the iron is hot”, both on the field and in the boardroom. It’s a challenge that requires more than just good time management. Our podcast will explore the tools, technologies and strategies athletes use to succeed.

Beginning on May 15th and through subsequent Mondays, we’ll be releasing all new episodes. I’m excited to showcase these conversations, and look forward to improving my ability to communicate, dig, strategize, and most importantly, listen. It would be great if you gave us a subscription (it’s free). Also, you can listen to our shows on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your pods.

Finally, I’m grateful to be working with my friend, founder of Shootout for Soldiers, and now GM of The Lacrosse Network, Tyler Steinhardt. Tyler’s co-producing, conducting research, and running BD for the show. Thank you to our partners at DGital Media, TuneIn and Octagon for their continued support and work behind the scenes.

Click here for more on our show.


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