Why I’m going on a lacrosse tour

If you’ve read a previous LinkedIn article of either mine or my business partner, Mick Davis, you’ll know we’ve been challenging ourselves to understand youth sports more holistically. In the modern era of sports, kids are playing pickup lacrosse, participating in recreational leagues, registering with private organizations, entering showcases and tournaments, with the purpose of having fun, improving, and/or getting recruited. We’ve discovered there’s no “one size fits all”.

Throughout our research we hosted conversations with parents, club operators and institutions, and over time became more confident in our mission. We want to create cultures of character through performance, development and media. And whether we like it or not, our brand is center stage. Every time I interact with a young player at a practice, game, online or through social media, I’m given the opportunity to have a positive impact on them. It was at that moment we decided to combine our assets, redefine our experience, and travel the country to bring my personal instruction, influential character development, and content ecosystem to life. The Rabil Tour was born.


(At least) For 2017, we’ve selected 14 markets based on an internal player participation matrix and my personal travel calendar. For the participation matrix, we ran an analysis on number of players in a given state, then took each state’s most influential city per capita. We prioritized markets of interest (west coast for our Rabil companies satellite office, Boston for the NCAA Final Four, New York for my MLL alliance, Washington D.C. for my home district…you get it) and scheduled a few stops at the location of my MLL away games.

At each event, I’ll be delivering 3 different 30 minute presentations on skill development and favorite drills. In between each presentation, we’ll be hosting a nationwide competition, where registrants will vie for the title of Fastest Shot, Freestyler and Braveheart Champion.

Mission Part 2 of the Tour is to promote and grow lacrosse in all 14 markets, meet with public and private operators, joining forces with each community. We believe in creating an event where lacrosse is celebrated, players learn, have fun, and we cut everyone in on the action – with our first event taking place this Friday night in San Francisco!

If you’re interested in aligning with a specific market, email Mick at We’re eager to work with you.

See you soon (hopefully),




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